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Homeopathy is derived from the Greek word ‘Homeos’ (similar) and ‘Pathos’ (suffering). The founder was Dr.S.Hahnemann-1755-1843 who formulated the formula of ‘similarity’ which means that the symptoms caused in a healthy person from his remedies cures those same symptoms in the unhealthy person with the disease symptoms.

This is somewhat different to the new type of Electro-Homoeopathy of Count C.Mattei-1809-1896,who built the new system upon direct results of medicines on the unhealthy person so the results were certain to be observed working.This is what one might call ‘perfected’ homeopathy!Mattei also formulated ingredients to act in synergy-not singular-to create an energetic formula effect to deal with the whole disease of modern origin-not remove one symptom singularly,but to manifest the whole body holistically and overwhelm all parts that needed healing.As it is with Mattei’s system-a combination remedy-it works on the complex disease in every way,systematically working through each anatonomical part and system to restore health.

The term ‘electro’ as a suffix refers only to the quickness of effect and the energetic synergetic action of the component parts.It is the ‘cocktail’ of all ingredients that creates such a dynamic effect.

There is in each animate and inanimate matter an electrical field and polarity.Each cell recieves and emits electrical and electro-magnetic energy.An unhealthy cell will have a lower frequency than a healthy one and the polarities will be unstable.All life is effected by the magnetism of the North and South Poles and so are the cells.In work done for Washington State University it was discovered that healthy cells contained an electrical frequency of 62-68 hertz,at 57 hertz influenza could thrive,at 55 candida albicans flourished and at 42 or below cancer was active.Anything above 62 hertz was totally healthy and disease free (DR.G.YOUNG,THE ESSENTIAL BEGINNINGS).

The natural effects of the Earth’s magnetic field are believed to directly effect the health of Human and Animal tissues.

“Many years ago when astronauts returned to our planet they were quite sick-then scientists learnt it was due to the lack of the Earth’s magnetic field to effect the cells.The effect was imbalance and cell dysfunction.Mattei knew long before his time the restorative effects of his compound remedies to the cell’s electrical systems and magnetic polarities. The colours that denote his electrical remedies are assigned therapeutic effects that are being only now discovered by N.A.S.A. as valid and immensely significant to well-being and health. To those who dismissed this ‘electrical’ effect have faced the truth that even the nerve impulses to the various cellular structures are scientifically measured as electric current. The nerve cells along a path of travel at rest, have a charge of approximately -70V.”

The Mattei system also given contribution to the complex or compound medicines. History reveals much use of complex and compound medicines in Ayurvedic treatment. It was originally Mattei who prepared complex medicines in spagyric medicine, even surpassing, Aegidi & Belotti (pioneers of the double remedy in homeopathy). He uniquely pioneered the making of complex medicines under Hahnemann’s principle of similarity. He set the pace for following practitioners who made complex medicines in homeopathy, whose combinations were previously symptomatically based, and these combinations have been universally acknowledged today.

On the other hand, Mattei introduced the theory of combination based on Organopathy, confirming anatomical-histological and pathological constitution of the organism, evolving for the first time a method to constitute combinations on the basis of the law of similar. Furthermore he applied the same homeopathic principle to arrive at the root cause of disease, rather than symptoms or manifestations. Electro homeopathic medicines act homoeopathically, with concepts of “similar” and “smaller” remaining as they are, however as regards “single”, Mattei rather preached the theory of the “compound” remedy. If Paracelsus is the grandfather of Spagyric, then surely Count Mattei would be the father of today’s spagyric complex medicines.

(Vinod Kumar)

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