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This is one of the oldest pharmacy based on Electro Homoeopathic medicine


The JSO complex Heilweise was developed and based on the electro Homoeopathy in the end of 1850 by the Italian scholar Grafen Cesare Mattei from Bologna (Italy). He took up both suggestions from the Spagyric direction of Paracelsus and the characteristics with the preparation of the medicine, and some basic principles of the Homoeopathy.

In holistic treatment, JSO-complex heilweise from spagyric combinations of different plants are used. These medicine are registered under the homeopathy medicines act. The manufacturing process is therefore in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB).

The JSO complex spagyric therapy system, which consider, the disease as a complex effect of multiple organ systems and is influenced by whole person temperament. With over 100 years of therapeutic experience, the JSO-complex- therapy proven as a gentle and effective form of therapy.

The German practitioner Theodore Krauss (1864-1924) made a notable contribution to electro homeopathy medicine and JSO Spagyric medicine which is based on his method. At the age of 56 and after his key experiences with pharmacist Johannes Sonntag established” JSO Komplex Heilweise”, an exhaustive body of information. Count Mattei in the early year of 1880 set up Consortium for electro Homoeopathy for the sale and promotion of his remedies in Regensburg. In the year 1883 the Consortium was transferred to the Engel Pharmacy in Regensburg for selling the remedies. The Consortium remained responsible for publication of the literature and assistance for these remedies to the 7000 members of the electro homeopathic practitioner. About two year later, Theodore Krauss joined the Consortiums for electro Homoeopathy and remained there in contact with Count Mattei till the year 1890. But after the death of Mattei in 1896, the Theodore Krauss took over the Consortiums for electro Homoeopathy; later on he expanded the system.

In the First World War the supplies from Italy were missing between the years 1914 to 1918. The first original medicines under the license were after-produced in the scientific direction of Krauss and Dr. med. Johannes in the same direction as the Mattei method and his system. The system later established by Theodore Krauss and became known as Electro complex Homoeopathy, which developed up to today and is known as JSO Komplex Heilweise (JKH). After Theodore Krauss death his work was continuously moving forward and his first book published back in 1920 on electro homeopathy has published its 14 edition till today in Germany. Following that, Spagyric had an official place in Europe and in the German Pharmacopoeia.

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