Spagyric Remedies

plantThe EH remedies of Count Mattei differ from general homeopathic ones. Firstly they are complex-several mixed together ‘polymixtures’ and they are used in much less dilution (or homeopathic potency).The electro-homeopathic medicines are unique too, because they can be truly named natural and holistic-they only use the natural non-poisonous plants (unlike traditional homeopathy where toxic metals, poisons, animals, insects and bacteria etc. are key components).

In the electrohomeopathy system there are 115 plants used from the vegetable kingdom and 60 functioning remedies derived there from. All remedies engage Mattei’s Law of Blood and Lymph in their operation, in simple terms the blood revives cells and brings the energetic forces of the remedies inward whilst the lymph removes the toxicity outwards and excretes from the body the disease causing elements. Of the 115 medicinal plants different parts of the vegetable kingdom are used for the preparation of the essences (using the special unique method of ‘cohobation’), for example-

  • Whole – Cimicifuga racemosa, drosera,Petroselinum
  • Flower – Achillea Millefolium, Malva silvestris, Veronica
  • Leaves – Rosmarinus, Rhododendron
  • Root – Berberis, hydrastis, Ipecacuanhaetc.


  • The action of the remedies proceeds in two principal directions according as to whether the disease results from either a vitiated condition of the blood or the lymph. Each patient is assessed according to the constitution of either being ‘lymphatic’,or ‘Angiotic’ or ‘mixed’ (temperaments).
  • The ‘S’series  remedies with action on scrofulous disorders and the metabolism TOTAL – 12 REMEDIES
  • The ‘A’ series remedies with action on the blood vessels, arteries and veins-the circulatory system  TOTAL – 3  REMEDIES
  • The ‘C’ series  remedies with action on cellular construction and lymph – TOTAL – 17 REMEDIES
  • The ‘L’ series remedies with action on lymph and blood circulation TOTAL – 2 REMEDIES

These are augmented by the specific action remedies of:

energyF series remedies acting on fevers, all types of intermittent diseases, as well as disorders of the spleen and liver. TOTAL – 2 REMEDIES

P series remedies act on the respiratory system, TOTAL – 9 REMEDIES

Verm series remedies acts on the intestines and other system parts.   TOTAL – 2 REMEDIES

Ven series remedies acts on the constitution and it’s inherited factors   TOTAL – 5 REMEDIES

There are the Electral fluids comprising Red, Blue, White, GreenYellow which can augment or have impressive use as independent treatments. 2 Special remedies – APP & SY


These medicines are only for qualified practitioners, not sale for the general public. We strongly recommend that if any condition persists that you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. Special care should be taken when treating children, in pregnancy or for any ongoing disease and we recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional in these cases. All information given is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or individual. If you are using medicines you should always inform your GP, professional health practitioner or homoeopaths


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