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Eh: energy and matter approach

Manolis Milonakis (Greece WEHO)

However, there is no faith without uncertainty, because where there is certainty there is no actual need for faith. Thus experiencing may cause the bricks of faith to build an edifice of certainty. Contemporary humans keep wasting their health in order to earn money for half of their lives, and looses the money to maintain their health for the other half. The daily grind causes us to forget that we live in the most beautiful place in the Universe. We also forget that we are both Energy and matter.

Recently scientists go a step further and suggest that sound not only affects the body but also the DNA, actually stimulating the DNA to create information signals that spread throughout the body.
Harvard-trained Dr. Leonard Horowitz has actually demonstrated that DNA emits and receives phonons and photons, the electromagnetic waves of sound and light.

As well, three Nobel laureates in medical research have asserted that the primary function of DNA is not to synthesize proteins, but to perform bioacoustic and bioelectrical signaling. While research such as that by Dr. Popp shows that DNA is a biophoton emitter, other research suggests that sound actually originates light. In a paper entitled “ A Holographic Concept of Reality’’ ,  a team of researchers led by Richard Miller showed that superposed coherent waves in the cells interact and form patterns first through sound, and secondly through light.

Russian scientists Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin demonstrated that chromosomes work like holographic biocomputers, using the DNA’s own electromagnetic radiation to generate and interpret spiraling waves of sound and light that run up and down the DNA ladder. Gariaev and his group used language frequencies such as words (which are sounds) to repair chromosomes damaged by X-rays.

Gariaev thus concludes that life is electromagnetic rather than chemical and that DNA can be activated with linguistic expressions or sounds like an antenna. In turn, this activation modifies the human bioenergy fields, which transmit radio and light waves to bodily structures.

EH combines energy and matter in the most sophisticated way in order to support body and soul at the same time and in this way to offer a holistic approach and a final treatment.    What I have see from the use of EH so far, is that the action of the medicines is in both levels.

Mattei marriage both energy and matter through the use of Spagiric process in the production of the medicines. Also important from the matter side, is that the above process receives both aqueous and alcoholic extracts and in this way the final medicine is more close to the whole of the plant, which is the point. The closer to the plant initial ingredients, the best the result and in this part EH is more advance than phytotherapy, which collects only the alcoholic part of the plant ingredients.

One of my favor medicines is S1 or JSOStoma . I have decide from now on to use it with all “healthy” patients that come to me, to assist them to keep “healthy”.  S1 covers the transformation of food to energy and at the same time the detoxification.
We can say that S1 is the key for a long and healthy life according to cell biology.

Giving to a cell nutrients and taking all by-products, have already been proved by experiments, that makes the cell immortal.
S1 does both, so instead of many supplements S1 is a good anti-aging approach.

In order to be sincere I use and other supplements to my patients until now, even if my teacher in EH (Mr. Vinod Kumar) tells me that one day I will use only EH medications and I believe he is correct if I consider how effective is S1.

S1 proved his power to a patient that cannot eat almost anything. After eating a very small amount of food (no matter which the food is), or even a small soup or steamed potato/vegetables he immediately vomit.
JsoStoma solve the problem is less than 5 days !!.

After only 3 weeks he can eat foods that he can’t imagine (like fatty meat). I believe the action of JsoStoma was so potent because his actions, was not only in digestion, but also in detoxification and this patient has a toxification problem from Hg, due to a removal of amalgam in his teeth.

S1 can be considered as a support to Earth element and due this, must have an effect to emotions like: jealousy, empathy, greed, worry, stability etc..

The patient also has a jealousy problem, so S1 maybe support and this area.
I’m not the expert on this area, as Mr. Kumar is, but I think it will be good to create an emotion chart in EH and to start considering EH products more energetically, as almost all theory we have so far is more targeting to material effects of the products, like actions in organs of the body.

Because we see the world from a physical perspective, we often don’t notice what’s right in front of us — that our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and body are all made of energy.

I don’t see so far an EH book suggesting e.g. S1 for Jealousy and I believe this is something missing from EH system at this time and it will be good to work on this, as matter is what we all understand easily, but the future in therapies and in EH is the energetic approach.

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