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The Meaning, kinds and the Importance of OD FORCE

What is OD FORCE?

(The approximately translated as the Prana). An example is the CHI of the Chinese. CHI was influenced with the help of  acupuncture. In Japan, this energy was called KI, the Indians referred to PRANA, Baron von Reichenbach called it OD, and Wilhelm Reich, ORGON. In alchemy (Alchymie) call it CHY. Homeopathy refers to VITAL FORCE.

Through Od force is the most useful and essential element in the body. The body takes birth, grows, and while growing reaches a particular limit and then after decreasing gets destroyed. In whichever body the Od Force enters, the body will have the aforesaid processes of birth,   diminishing and destruction. No action can be possible in a body devoid of the Prana. It is Prana which eats food and drinks   water. If there is no Prana, there will    neither be hunger nor thirst. The  experience of hunger and thirst are  possible only when there is Prana in the body.

However, the Prana exists only where there is the self (the atman). Without the self Prana cannot remain in the body. So too without the Prana, the self alone cannot remain in the body. Prana and the self-exist in the body because of the existence of each other and then the body performs all types of actions. Since the prana is material and is devoid of the self-consciousness and experiences.            Although it  eats‘ and  drinks‘ it cannot be said to know or enjoy these experiences. In fact it is the self actually knows and enjoys them with the help of the Prana.

Prana is that form of the air which is called the vital air. It resides with the self. The self sends this vital form of air (the Prana) first in the subtle body and then into the gross body, and thus it performs various actions or acquires knowledge. To the  extent that this vital air will be forceful. the ego, too will be able to perform actions and devotions with same forcefulness.

If the vital air is weak, the control of the self over the organs and the mind will be weak; the knowledge and the actions will also be weak. Hence, the strengthening and steadying of the vital air means the strengthening and steadying of the sense organs, the organs of action, and the internal organs (mind). The steadying of the Prana means the steadying of these three types of organs.

Just as God on the cosmic level, creates from the vital air the entire universe and conducts it according to certain laws, so too the self, on the individual level, creates from the vital air the individual body, maintains it, directs it and so on. Except at the time of moksa, the self whenever it comes into contact with a body, it will first have to be joint with the vital air i.e. the Prana. As the fire is of 3 types, Sun in the Sky, light in the atmosphere and fire on earth. So out of 49 types air, the vital air is subtle.

The purification of the gross body is complete, when the lungs become strong and healthy, and when electrical currents start flowing in the body due to friction of the air, the aspirant should practice the control of the OD FORCE outside or inside at will. Without prior purification of the gross body and the nerves the control over the Prana may cause trouble in the body.

EH Therapy with OD FORCE

Whenever some defect occurs in the body, disease overpowers and then due to misery the Prana becomes eager to leave the body. The soul will remain in the body till the time the Prana will be there. The soul leaves no sooner than the Prana leaves the body. The various organs too leave the body along with the Prana, since they function because of the Prana. Whenever the flow of Prana becomes defective, the organic function also become defective due to lessening of vitality and other defects. It the Prana is strong the organs too remain strong; the complete mechanism of the body receives its strength from the Prana, Hence the weakening of Prana causes malfunctioning of the body-mechanism. As was explained in the chapter on the importance of the Prana, defects in the flow Prana make the gross body as well as the subtle body defective.

The fear of the Prana leaving the body is incalculable as well as immeasurable. If we put in the balance the whole grief of the earth on one side and that of the death on the other, the latter is surely the heavier. The fear of death is the fear of the Prana leaving the body. This current of fear is flowing from times immemorial. In the world there is nothing more frightening than death; yet there is nothing more pleasing than death, since death, frees you from all the evils of the world.


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