This is it, This is the system of medicines which treats the whole person by restoring the BODY, MIND SOUL, and fulfilling the Holistic or natural medicines principles into reality.

Gurminder Kaur, Hounslow – UK

When I first enquired about WSHO courses, I never thought it will be completely unique and different from existing natural medicines courses. This course completely changed my intellectual in a same way as spagyric method unlocks the plant power or energies with in them. Now I can say with full confidence, it is one of the best effective systems of remedies, I have EVER seen and treats the suffering soul in depth.

Prem, London

Being a practitioner of homeopathy since 18 years, I can never assume that herbal based complex medicines or combination medicines can work under LAW OF SIMILAR. I believed it is only classical homeopathy which acts under this unique principle. I am impressed and almost speechless when I saw first time, this unique system of medicines which acts under the same principle of homeopathy but in completely different way. Extraordinary system represents by WSHO UK.

Dr. RAMS, Coventry – UK

A true physician, who is conscious of his responsibility to fully address the actual health issues of their clients, and is committed to the healing arts, will no doubt benefit from skilfully employing use of these marvellous spagyric medicines backed up by its original and systematic philosophy directed clinically towards curing disease. This authentic spagyric approach treats ‘complex symptoms’ and related temperaments with specially prepared complex plant remedies.

J.M.Rawlings – Naturopath & Homeopath, Hove – Sussex – UK

Having worked in the NHS for 20 years I invested in myself through doing the WEHO UK course-having previously wasted money on an inferior one. The WSHO course is ‘leaps and bounds’ above any other I know of, my future is suddenly very bright and exciting again-Thanks to all the friendly staff of WEHO UK!

Dr. P. Andrew, Nottingham – UK

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