What is Spagyric Therapy electro homoeopathy?
In a sick person, the body fluids, lymph & blood become polluted and all the parts get into an abnormal state, which is why the disease develops in the body. Spagyric Homoeopathy is a dynamic system of healing force (energy) extracted from the plants (in comparison to electric current, a source of invisible energy). It preserves and controls the organism lymph and blood, consisting of atoms, molecules, cell tissues, organs etc, by purifying them and returning them back to their normal state. The sick person recovers speedily and effectively.

Why was the name Electro Homoeopathy given?
The name Electro Homoeopathy comes from the Electro ( Bio-energy*) content extracted from the plants, and the way this Bio energy is extracted and made into the remedies*. Electro Homoeopathy is a name given by the founder, on the basis that those remedies are a class of energy conforming to the Law of Similar and they possess power, promptness and speed of action allowing for it to be compared to electricity.

Electro is not related to an electricity current and does not involve using any type of electrical machines in the treatments. Now a day’s Electro-Homeopathy is better known as Spagyric Therapy, WSHO UK given this name due to misconception of Electro-word and most of the renowned Practitioners misunderstood by the this word, therefore this unique therapy was always misjudge).

*(The word Bio Energy is first used by the WSHO and its Spgayric practitioners in the UK)

Electro Homeopathy based on two main system, First Spagyric process, (phytotherapy) and second, Homeopathy, treat with similar & diluted dose.

Electro homeopathy always linked with homeopathy, in reality EH is totally & completely different principles which make it separate from another.

Spagyric method re-discovered by Count Mattei, so all Spagyric method of today started from Mattei’s electro homeopathy.

In Europe all complementary medicine has their separate category, THUS Electro homeopathy and its medicines comes under spagyric method, WSHO UK given the tag/ slogan as spagyric therapy electro homeopathy.
By using spagyric name, electro homeopathy got the attention by like-minded people and re-gains the real identity which has been lost after the death of Mattei.

Who discovered it?
The Italian noble Count Cesare Mattei discovered these remedies in the later part of the 1800’s in Bologna, Italy. Under the influence of the Philosopher Paolo Costa, Count Mattei was inspired to devote his time and wealth to the service of humanity. He was elected as a member of the Roman Parliament but soon abandoned political life and dedicated his entire life to medical studies. He acquainted himself with the researches of the illustrious Hahnemann, the discoverer of original Homeopathy, also with human polarity. Being a herbalist himself, he prepared these remedies from herbs and named them Spagyric Homoeopathic Medicines. Even today Count Cesare Mattei system of medicines remains a secret. But Krauss has reinvented the system in the same manner.

Who was Theodore Krauss?
Theodore Krauss was the disciple of Count Mattei. Mattei made only 38 remedies in his life time but Krauss added a further 22 remedies in his lifetime. After the death of Count Mattei, the progress and development ceased in the First World War, therefore Krauss took charge and established the pharmacy of Spagyric method and established a similar theory based Mattei’s medicines and gave the name; Electro Complex Homeopathy in Germany, which is why this pathy also known as Spagyric method of Krauss.

The Proving of Remedies:
Spagyric remedies work on the principle that diseased organisms are far more sensitive than healthy organisms and changes the condition of the bodily fluids. A remedy should not be given to remove the symptoms of the body but to work on the cause of the disease.

What is the difference between Spagyric therapy & other therapies?
Spagyric Therapy is a system of medicine that draws all of its remedies from non-poisonous plants. It does not use resources from the animal or mineral kingdom. The remedies work with nature and help the healing force in the shape of Electro element.

Who can use Spagyric made EH remedies?
Spagyric Therapy can be used by anyone of any age group who suffers from acute to chronic illnesses i.e. depression, arthritis, migraine, ulcers or ME.

What does the treatment involve?
Spagyric Therapy treatment is always based on the Law of Temperament. The patient may be lymphatic, sanguine, mixed or of a nervous temperament. The person belonging to a specific temperament will show symptoms based on that constitution. In order to learn the constitution of the patient, a full background into their history any inherited family health matters is required. A remedy is then given accordingly.

What are the side effects?
These remedies are all extracted from non-poisonous plants and do not create drug addiction or any side effects. All remedies use the physical properties and not the chemical properties, therefore being ideal to combat the human body diseases without causing any side effects.

How do Spagyric Therapy remedies work?
The system of preparing these compound remedies is the method of Cohobation. This method uses plant extracts in the higher energies (vital force). This is a very potent invisible force, abstract in the natural form and transforms every constitution of the living being as an ‘Od Force’ (vital force). Each remedy is derived from the active enzymes of several plants. When the complex remedy is administered to the patient it completely covers and controls the body. The remedy will then move through the body acting on the parts that require it. As soon as the diseased part is sufficiently saturated with the remedy, it stops to absorb it. When all the parts of the body have been healed, the medicine itself is no longer absorbed.

What about seeing GP?
We advise that patients should maintain their relationship with their GP. GP will be able to arrange any tests that the patient may need. Spagyric Homoeopathy is a complementary & adjunctive therapy, not intend to replace medical care. It is important to always consult your GP before starting any alternative treatment. The practitioners are not authorised to interfere with GP or NHS treatment.

Who is authorised to administer the treatment?
The qualified practitioners who have been trained and are registered are authorised to administer treatments. WSHO is an organisation of Qualified Professional Spagyric therapists and they are bound by a strict code of ethics and obliged to carry professional indemnity insurance so that the public may seek treatment with absolute confidence.

What does the treatment involve?
This will depend on the individual and their personal health fitness. The holistic approach to illness needs to be given time & many ailments will not disappear overnight. Therefore a course of treatments is recommended to get the best result.

What to expect when visiting a practitioner?
The patient will be asked questions relating to their medical history and perhaps that of their immediate family. Lifestyle questions, such as stress levels, diet, exercise regimes, and sleep patterns will be asked to ensure that a holistic approach is taken. Their own expectations of the treatment and what they hope the therapy will achieve will also be discussed. It is necessary for the practitioner to know under which temperament category the patient falls under, in order for the most suitable treatment to be given. The disease or condition displayed will also indicate which medicines should be given. The medicines are manufactured in the form of a pill and a liquid. You will be asked to attend another consultation in order to assess your prognosis and for any changes in the treatment to be implied.

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